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PostSubject: UNDERSTANDING YOUR GODLY ABILITIES   Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:56 am

Understanding Your Godly Abilities ( PART 1 & 2)
Written By Chaplain C. R. Hill
Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved.


A) To have material prosperity ( Duet. 16:17)
* God allows material gain but doesn't say RICH
* We are to give to the church
* We are to bless Others
NOTE: The bible says " AS ABLE" according to your blessings- meaning
as your finances able you to: he doesn't want you to burden yourself.

B)To Have Emotional Strength ( Numbers 11:14)
* It is within our ability to know our limits
* It is up to us to cry out for help
* IT is within our ability to empower ourselves or to allow our own demise!
NOTE: God is our refuge and our strength, are you using him?

C) To Have Military Power ( Numbers 13:31- 1 Kings 9:21)
* God blesses military with strength and power
* God is the one who allows our conquers
* IT is all to fulfill his plans and really not us in control
NOTE: He gives us spiritual strength to win all our battles!

D) Have Physical Strength ( Ex. 18: 18, 21)
* We cause most physical distress ourselves
* We can affect others physically
* Fearing God ( reverence) brings capability
NOTE: NOT reverencing God brings physical weakness on ourselves and others....

E) Emotional Power ( Genesis 15: 5)
* God knows our dilemmas
* God sends us mental reinforcements
* God blesses in ways unimaginable to us
NOTE: He gives us spiritual mind boosters to keep us strengthened

F) Moral Power ( 1 Cor 3: 2)
* He allows us to be fed spiritually
* Its up to us to intake moral values
* IT is up to us to walk in knowledge of what we have learned
NOTE: The bible is for correction , reproof, and training. IT is up to us to study!

G) Spiritual Power ( James 3:2)
* Everyone even Christians make mistakes
* Spiritual Power is defined by Self - Control
* Taming Our Tongue gives us power
* Taming our bodies give us power
* Failing to exercise self control makes us the "Social Norm"
NOTE: Spiritual Power allows us to walk emotionally, mentally, physically
and spiritually strong!

When you are not a Christian or someone who is a Christian but are spiritually weak
you are subject to:

Poverty Depression/Mental Illness Defeat By Enemies
Physical Afflictions Negative Tormenting Thoughts Immorality


A) Deliverance ( 1 Cor. 10:13)
* All our temptations are the same ( challenge wise)
* God, Not us- Is faithful!
* He doesn't allow more than we can bare
( Temptation wise, not trial wise)
* He gives us a way out of every temptation
NOTE: Temptation and Trials are 2 different things!

A) Trying to get someone to do wrong ( Against God)
* God forgives so eve's error is not repeated!

A) A test of patience and endurance
* It is up to us to prove our faith!

B) Humble Men ( Dan. 4:37)
* All God's acts are just and true
* He humbles us becasue his purity exposes
* The Proud are given reality checks

C) Create Life ( Matthew 3:9)
* We are never to take life for granite ( We are born dying)
* Others should see our faith
* Not being obedient can hinder life

D) Destroy ( Matthew 10:28)
* God can destroy body and soul ( Hes all Powerful!)
* Satan destroys flesh
* God doesn't destroy on earth- He destroys on Judgment
There is a appointed time for everything!

E) Preserves Believers ( John 10:28)
* * He preserves his children ( Spiritually)
* Satan can only harm your flesh not your soul!
NOTE: 1 Peter 5:8 The earth is the devils domain, that is why the bible stresses fellowship-
specially when in trouble situations because that is when we are weak and most vulnerable!

F) Keeps His Promises ( Romans 4: 4)
* God does whatever he promises
* Its up to us to believe
* Abraham never wavered in his faith
( He is a perfect role model of faith- besides Christ)
NOTE: we should grow in our faith through fellowship and Study!

G) Establish Us ( Romans 16:25)
* He establishes us as his
* We are part of a divine plan
* He has made us strong & Victorious through Jesus
NOTE: We are only established if we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior!

H) Supplies Grace ( 2 Cor 9:Cool
* He supplies our needs ( Not wants)
* HE gives us allow e have and enough to share ( prosperous)
* If we give freely ( sharing) and give to the poor , he will add more!

I ) He Exceeds our Petitions ( Eph. 3:20)
* Hes able to do what we cannot ( and more than we can imagine)
* He works within us to accomplish things for his purposes
and for ours when we ask in his will...

J) Supplies Abilities ( 1 Peter 4:11)
* God supplies our strength abilities and spiritual gifts!
( Through his Holy Spirit)
* We should use all he gives us for him!
NOTE: Everything that he gives us is supposed to be used to further his kingdom!

K) Comforts Others ( 2 Cor. 1:14)
* He comforts us in trials
* He comforts us so that we can be a comfort to others
* IT is our Christian duty to comfort
( Some people have the spiritual gift to comfort well)
NOTE: God calls us to be peace keepers in EVERY situation.

L) Keep what we are committed to him ( 2 Tim 1:2)
* Paul committed Timothy to service
* We commit children and ourselves unto service for the Lord, service, sanctuaries
and more to God!
NOTE: The key is trusting him to keep it!

M) Save From Death ( Heb. 5:7)
* Jesus offered prayers on our behalf
* God hears his children prayers
NOTE: God gave us victory over physical death through eternal life spiritually!

N) Resurrect Man ( Heb. 11:19)
* God can create or restore life literally!
* Our resurrection will be when Jesus returns- its the reason we endure!

O) Keep From Stumbling ( Jude 24, 25)
* God is able to keep us from backsliding (1 Cor 10:13)
* Perfection is our completed state in heaven.
He gives his children eternal guarantees
NOTE: JESUS is the only way to keep from stumbling, and the ONLY way to be saved eternally!
( Acts 4:12)


Bondage Pride Death ( Physical and Spiritual)
Self- Destruction Vulnerability Reprobate Minds Rejection of God
Standing in Judgment Of Us Denying Us Weak Spiritually Instability/Anxiety
Turn us over to Satan to have his way Shorten our lives Send Us To Hell

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